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    Recent Online Tests:

    IDBI Assistant Manager (5 Tests) : SO - IT Officer (15 Tests) : IBPS SO - Marketing Officer (10 Tests) : https://...

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    IBPS RRBGovJobAdda, BTM, Bangalore 2 months ago

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    SHITAL VERMA 5 days ago

    sir i solved 66 questions in ippb po pt. what is my chance?

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    Upcoming Free test Schedule

    Here is the updated schedule of the free tests which we are providing:Note: All these tests will be in English only. We are sorry that we won't be able to create any tests in Hindi.We will update the details for mock test series for SBI Clerk and SBI POonly after its official notification.Wish yo...

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    MiscellaneousGovJobAdda, BTM, Bangalore 2 months ago

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    sairam 5 days ago

    Sir plz provide syndicate Bank po full length exam??

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  • IBPS SOSomnath Karmakar 25 minutes ago

  • syndicate bank po

    Sir , please provide syndicate bank manipal po online test series....

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    Generalswati srivastava 8 hours ago

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    GovJobAdda, BTM, Bangalore Institute 8 hours ago

    Sorry Swati, we will not be able to provide u these tests.

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    Hello friends,important Tips to Rearrange the Jumbled Sentences in English Questions were given here, candidates those who are facing trouble to answer this type of question in English Section can use it.REARRANGEMENT OF JUMBLED SENTENCESIn these type of questions, the candidate is given a set of...

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    Generalpankul 12 hours ago

  • ssc

    sir ssc cgl ka test hindi m bhi provide kariye ga please

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    SSC CGLatul 12 hours ago

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    GovJobAdda, BTM, Bangalore Institute 12 hours ago

    Sorry Atul, we wont be able to provide in hindi.

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    1.The origin of internet can be tracked fromA)ARPAnetB)Radio networksC)Satellite networksD)Indian army networksE)Air force networks2.To connect networks of similar protocols are used.A)RoutersB)BridgesC)GatewaysD)Dial-up routersE)None of these3.The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter d...

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    Generalpankul 13 hours ago


    1.Snehadeniedany involvement in drug trafficking, the policemen just informed me.A)have deniedB)denyingC)deniesD)was deniedE)No correction required2.At the age of four Pratik lost his mother, now hehad leavingon his own after the death of his fatherA)be leavedB)have leavedC)got livedD)is livingE)...

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    Generalpankul 13 hours ago


    An Institute having 900 employees has sent all its employees for training in one or more areas of HRM, Computer skills and Financial skills. The employees are classified into two categories Officers and Clerks, who are in the ratio of 4 : 5. 5% of the Officers take training only in HRM, which is...

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    Generalpankul 13 hours ago


    INDIAN bank PO kiss kiss e bhara h?

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    MiscellaneousGAURAV 14 hours ago

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