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    Schedule : SBI PO (Pre) '2017 Online Mock Test Series

    GovJobAdda is providing 10 Free mock tests for SBI PO (Pre)'2017.Along with these 10 Free tests , we are also providing 15 Premium test for the coaching institutes with whom we have ties.Schedule for these tests :S. No: GovJobAdda Free Tests :PREMIUM Tests : DATE :TEST LINK : 01SBI PO (pre) Free ...

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    SBI POGovJobAdda 1 month ago

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    Akanksha Upate 2 hours ago

    Plz explain 


    No A are B

    Some B are C


    All C can never be A

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    Examination Calendar - 2017 By GovJobAdda

    The Examination Calendar for 2017 is released with tentative Exam dates and Nos. of free Tests that will be provided by GovJobAdda :S.No:Name of the Examination:Date of Exam :Nos. of Free TestsNos. of Premium Tests (Only for Institutes)1SBI PO - Pre29,30 April,06,07 May10152LIC AAOMar/Apr53SBI Cl...

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    GeneralGovJobAdda 5 months ago

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    suri 4 days ago

    Sir,you are posted 5 NIACL Ass. tests on 20th April 2017,that tests are previous tests or new tests

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    Banking Financial AwarenessThe governments online payments app has become the most popular Android app in the country.Close AnswerBharat Interface for Mobile (BHIM).The company has launched Digital Unlocked the training program for Indian small businesses.Close AnswerGoogle.Who has launched a ch...

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    Generalpankul 2 hours ago

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    Guddi 2 hours ago

    Thnx pankul 

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  • pls sir provide the apex bank pre test test

    hello sir........ sir pls apex bank k pre test provide krva dijiy its very helpful for us ............

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    Miscellaneouspriyanka 12 hours ago

  • gi

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    SBI POsamir das 20 hours ago


    Respected Sir,Greetings...Pls provide free test series as mentioned soon plsss

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    MiscellaneousGIRISH 22 hours ago

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    GIRISH 22 hours ago

    But why Sir?? and sir pls increase d level of ur test series its v helpful.

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    Banking Financial AwarenessThe union Cabinet has approved the merger of five subsidiary banks with the bank which will make the bank among top 50 banks in the world_____State Bank of India (SBI).Bank has launched of mobile wallet Oriental Batuaa on the occasion of its 75th Foundation Day____Orie...

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    Generalpankul 1 day ago

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    suhani 21 hours ago

    thank u

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  • English

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    SBI PO Anonymous


    Is thre any difference between the pattern n difficulty level of qsns between dsz 2 exams

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    GeneralGuddi 1 day ago

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    basu 11 minutes ago

    That is "....."


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  • About paper of sbi

    I can't solve above 42 in any position exam in what wayI solve paper and my parajumble is also week section what should I do for.

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    SBI PO Anonymous

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    pankul 1 day ago

    if u r weak in parajumble ,then solve cloze tests and Reading comprehension..

    If u r fast in reasoning...then u can spend 30 minutes for reasoning

    20 minutes for aptitude

    and 10 minutes for english

    in 30 minutes u will easily score 27-28 

    and in aptitude in 20 minutes try to score at least 18 

    and in english 14-15 in 10 minutes

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