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Upcoming Test for IBPS Specialist Officer .

Hey Guys !!

As you know IBPS is conducting  online exam for the selection of Specialist Officers for 6 different posts:

1. I.T. Officer

2. Agricultural Field Officer

3. Marketing Officer

4. HR/Personnel Officer

5. Law Officer

6. Rajbhasha Adhikari


Since the test of Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude and English language is only qualifying nature and is of zero weightage  so we will not provide any mock test for these sections and please don't request for the same.

The time duration for "Professional Knowledge" section is 35 min with a total of 50 questions carrying 1.6 marks each (Total  80 Marks).

Note:   GovJobAdda will provide all the remaining tests  on 16.01.17  for all the 5 Specialist subjects.

IBPS SO Test Series Link : https://govjobadda.co.in/ibps-so-exam-test-series/57a19e5692172d1dec5fbfc3/

Based upon the nos of users, vacancies for each post and our resources the approximate  nos of test for each post provided by us will be as:

I.T. Officer  :                                  A total of 20 sectional test.

Test Link : https://govjobadda.co.in/test-series/ibps-so-it-officer/586130a092172d7efbccec7a/

Marketing Officer  :                  A total of 10 Test will be provided 

Test Link : https://govjobadda.co.in/test-series/ibps-so-marketing-officer/586ac9e692172d1e2cd52843/

Agricultural Field Officer  :   A total of 10 Test will be provided.

Test Link :  https://govjobadda.co.in/test-series/ibps-so-agricultural-field-officer/586d552a92172d1e2cdbcb1a/

Law Officer  :                                2  Tests  

HR/Personnel Officer :            5 Tests 

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GovJobAdda, Bengaluru 10 months ago
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Nmp 10 months ago

Sir pls give me a reply

- Reply (1)

GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 10 months ago

Sorry, we are not conducting any separate  test for SBI SO.

- Reply

Nmp 10 months ago

Is ibps so test format is same as sbi sco

- Reply (0)

Sangeetha Chandran 10 months ago

Sir please provide us ibps law officer test..

- Reply (4)

GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 10 months ago

Working on it.. Will try to provide all the test either by evening or tomorrow morning.

- Reply

GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 10 months ago

1st test is live now.. 2nd test will be available in an hour.  Remaining 3 will be available tomorrow.


- Reply

Sangeetha Chandran 10 months ago

Thank u so much sir :)
- Reply

GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 10 months ago

2nd test is also live.. Rest will be available tomorrow .

- Reply

pavanikiranmai 10 months ago

thank u so much for providing tests.plz conduct more tests on hr

- Reply (1)

GovJobAdda, Bengaluru Institute 10 months ago

Sorry , we can not provide any more tests.

- Reply

kapil 10 months ago

are u provide more test of AFO professional knowled

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